Saturday, February 28, 2009

i just wanna be sweet like him

ok guys..
zac efron was my idol..he's so handsome and georgoues...thats make me feel more stronger to be like him. i adore his body.. his talent also..i really likes this touched by him....
muah to u zac efron..

cara selamat hilangkan berat badan

Losing Weight Safely
The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, is part of the United States Government. FDA requires most food labels to list the amount of important nutrients the food gives you. Use food labels to choose healthy foods for losing weight.
If You're Overweight, Slim Down for Better Health
Overweight people have an increased risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and other illnesses. Losing weight reduces the risk. This brochure tells you how to lose weight safely.
Ask Your Doctor About Sensible Goals
Your doctor or other health worker can help you set sensible goals based on a proper weight for your height, build and age.
Men and very active women may need up to 2,500 calories daily. Other women and inactive men need only about 2,000 calories daily. A safe plan is to eat 300 to 500 fewer calories a day to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week.
Exercise 30 Minutes
Do at least 30 minutes of exercise, like brisk walking, most days of the week.
The idea is to use up more calories than you eat. You need to use up the day's calories and some of the calories stored in your body fat.
Eat Less Fat and Sugar
This will help you cut calories. Fried foods and fatty desserts can quickly use up a day's calories. And these foods may not provide the other nutrients you need.
Tips for Cutting Calories and Fat
Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, and grain products like bread and rice.
Eat only small, single servings of foods high in fat or calories.
Eat less sugar and fewer sweets.
Drink less alcohol or no alcohol.
Choose foods whose labels say low, light or reduced to describe calories or fat.
Choose 1 percent or skim milk products and reduced fat cheeses.
Replace ice cream with fat-free frozen yogurt.
Replace sour cream with fat-free or low-fat plain yogurt.
Make sure fish, poultry and meat are lean. Trim skin and fat.
Broil, roast or steam foods.
Eat a Favorite Rich Food, Sometimes
That may keep you from craving it. But eat only a small amount.
Make sure your other foods that day are low in fat and calories.
Eat a Wide Variety Of Foods
Variety in the diet helps you get all the vitamins and other nutrients you need.
Watch Out for Promises of Quick And Easy Weight Loss
Fad diets aren't good because they often call for too much or too little of one type of food. As a result, you may not get important nutrients you need daily.
Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't true.
What About Diet Pills?
Diet pills you buy without a prescription won't make a big difference in how much you lose each week or how long you keep the weight off. If you do use them, read the label carefully. Because of possible side effects, like high blood pressure, never take more than the listed dose.
Also, be careful about taking cough or cold medicines with diet pills you buy without a prescription. These medicines may contain the same drug used in diet pills, or a similar drug with the same effects. If you take both products together, you may get too much of the same type drug. This can hurt you.
Before taking a cough or cold medicine while using diet pills, ask your pharmacist if it's OK.
Prescription diet pills may help some people. If you use them, follow the doctor's directions carefully.
Before Signing Up For a Weight Loss Program, Ask Questions
Does the Company:
Explain possible health risks from weight loss?
Explain all costs?
Include weight control over a long time?
Have proof of success, not just praise by other people?
Give a clear, truthful statement of how you're going to lose weight, including how much and how fast?
Teach how to eat healthfully and exercise more?
Do you have more questions about weight loss? Ask your doctor.
And ask FDA. There may be an FDA office near you. Look for the number in the blue pages of the phone book.

diet - peluang kita tuk manjakan diri kita

tu la aku send entry ni pun tuk menyedarkan diri aku sendiri gak...dari dulu kata nak kuruskan badan, tapi tak jugak kurus kurus ..hahahhahah..
tapi alhamdulillah aku jumpa petua kat bawah ni dan aku rasa amat berguna,, so aku decide nak share ngan sesapa yg rsa benda ni berguna dan penting..ingat!!!sayangi diri anda sampai kiamat..
pada sesapa yg tak paham oputih, sila cari dictionary ok...

Diets that will aid specific health conditions.

Acai Berry Diet
Incorporation of the Acai berry into a healthy diet plan.

Acid-Alkaline Diets
A dieting regime or lifestyle based on intake of low acid foods, designed to reduce acidity and achieve improved pH balance.

Acne Diet
Anecdotal dietary tips for acne sufferers.

Can diet alleviate ADD/ADHD symptoms?

Anne Collins Low Glycemic Index (GI) Diet
Optimum blood glucose control and weight loss, combining lean protein with low glycemic carbs for those with particular health problems.

Anne Collins Cholesterol Lowering Diet
Reduce cholesterol while rapidly reducing weight, or simply use as a very healthy diet.
Anti Estrogenic Diet
Helps those with hormonal imbalances to regulate estrogen levels

Arthritis Diet
Guidelines for sufferers of Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Beck Diet
This diet uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in order to change thought patterns that lead to overeating.

Blood Type Diet
The author claims dietary health benefits are related to blood type.

Body Ecology Diet
This plan focuses on bringing helpful micro-organisms back into balance through out the body.

Calorie Restriction
Also called an anti-aging diet by some. The theory involves a careful lowering of calorie intake in the hope of retarding aging.

Candida Diet
Nutritional guidelines for treating the yeast infection Candida.

Cholesterol Diet
Lower LDL cholesterol by making dietary changes.

Coconut Diet
A low carb diet that uses coconut oil for added health benefits

Australian developed high protein low fat diet.

Dash Diet
A diet created by the US health authorities to specifically relieve high blood pressure.

Diabetic Diet
Diabetes diet to manage blood sugar.

Diuretic Diet
Using natural diuretics to alleviate fluid retention.

Diverticulitis diet
Most nutritionists recommend a careful high fiber diet for this painful disease.

Eat, Drink, Be Healthy
This diet improves on the USDA Food Guide Pyramid.

Eating Mindfully
Psychologist Dr. Susan Albers deals with the emotional aspects of eating and weight management.

Eat This, Not That
Teaches readers how to make healthy meal choices.

Elimination Diet
Use elimination diets to isolate food allergies and food intolerances.

Fat Resistance Diet
Reduces fat levels which in turn regulates the hormones responsible for metabolism.

Feingold Diet
Proposed by Dr. Ben Feingold in the 1970s this diet looks at causes of hyperactivity in children.

Food Doctor Diet
Not just about weight loss - but addresses health issues.

Food Guide Pyramid
US Government guidelines for a healthy diet (see also the old Food Guide Pyramid)

The Genotype Diet
Diet based on genetic body types.

Gluten Free Diet (Celiac)
Diet without wheat, barley, or rye.

Glycemic Index Diets
The GI helps diabetics gain control over blood sugar levels.

Gotti Diet
Frank Gotti from "Growing up Gotti" shares his weight loss plan.

Gout Diet
Nutrition is extremely important for sufferers of Gout.

High Fiber Diet
Often used to treat diverticulitis.

Hot Latin Diet
Uses 7 healthy Latin superfoods for healthy weight loss

IBS Diet - High Fiber
Dietary guidelines for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

IBS Diet - Low Starch
Alternate approach for IBS.

Japanese Diet
This approach uses the healthy Japanese diet to help women promote health and weight loss.

Ketogenic Diet
Used for treatment of Epilepsy.

Lactose Free Diets
Understanding Lactose Intolerance, and which foods to avoid.

Low Protein Diets
Who needs a low protein diet, and how it is achieved. Sample
low protein menu.

Low Sodium Diet
Reducing salt relieves symptoms of High Blood Pressure. See also DASH Diet.

Maker's Diet
Author Jordan Rubin makes a number of health claims with his biblically based 40 day diet program.

MediterrAsian Way
This diet uses the healthy habits of two cultures in order to promote better health and weight loss.

No Grain Diet
This diet seeks to regulate insulin levels by limiting the intake of grains and sugars.

Okinawa Diet
Utilizes the eating habits of the Okinawans to increase health, longevity, and to promote weight loss.

Omega Diet
A health focused plan that is based on a Mediterranean dietary approach.

Osteoporosis Diet
Understanding causes, preventive actions, and diet/exercise plan for delaying onset or slowing progression of Osteoporosis

Paleo Diet
Utilizes foods that humans would have eaten prior to the development of agriculture.

Perricone Diet
Dr Nigel Perricone's nutritional prescription for healthy skin - includes 3 day makeover plan.

Pregnancy Diet
Extra nutrition is required during pregnancy.

Prostate Health
Dietary guidelines for natural treatment of prostate problems.

Raw Food Diet: Eating in the Raw
Former super model Carol Alt's version of the raw foods diet concept.

Shape Your Self
Martina Navratilova's plan for fitness, nutrition, and weight loss

Specific Carbohydrate Diet
A diet designed to help those suffering from digestive disorders such as Crohn's and Irritable Bowel

St. Tropez Diet
A Mediterranean type diet using the delicious food of St. Tropez

Stress Eater Diet
This diet helps those who would be classified as a "stress eater".

Sugar Solution
Correct blood sugar issues.

Ultimate Tea Diet
This diet promotes using the healthy benefits of tea in order to promote weight loss.

Friday, February 27, 2009

makan kat johnys alamanda

citer ni dah lama...tapi now baru aku ader time nak bercerita..
citer dia pendek jer..tapi kalau diperbesarkan, especially melalui media elektronik ataupun media masa apatah lagi internet, sure perniagaan johnys leh lingkup...
petang tu balik daripada mana ntah, kami trus g alamanda.. selepas puas merayau, terasa nak nak di jadikan cerita, kami masuk kat johnys...
macam biasa, pelayan datang amik order...
sampai jer makanan, sambil borak2 kami mkn la ...
tgh syiokk makan, tetiba dalam mangkuk sup aku ader lalat..terus spoiled mood makan...
aku nak bising kat situ, tapi wadi kata relax aku ni pun taknak wat hal, diam kan jer,...tapi ..hehheehe..aku tak puas hati, aku amik gambar lalat tu ...
aku tak kira, lau aku sakit perut lepas makan, aku ader bukti nak saman johnys..hahahaha. ni bukan hal main2, kesihatan adalah aset penting tuk aku terus mencari korang tgklah ek....

berbuka di intekma resort shah alam

ok ini adalah entry sebelum sambutan bufday aku..kami berbuka di intekma resort shah alam...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

my buf day last year

happy sgt bila ingat hari bersejarah tu..
yerla dalam keadaan ekonomi tak berapa bagus, nak sambut bufday macam org lain mmg tak thanks to my best buddy ,(my ehem2) coz belikan kek yg pelbagai jenis tuk my bufday that day.. i luv u babe. i luv u sampai kiamat. actually malam tu dalam bulan ramadhan, aku, wadi, nasha, dan izat berbuka di intekma resort shah alam.yerla nak merasa bebuka kat luar la kan..hehehehe..
makanan kat sana boleh tahanla...pas makan, kami trus ke secret recipe...hahhaha..inilah saat bermulanya memori bufday aku disambut dgn cake pelbagai jenis..terima kasih pada teman2 yg bersama aku malam tu..
thanks u all.
malam tu jugaklah aku kenal ngan wan aka wenk yg femes ngan blog dia tuh...masa tu aku tak tau pun.. tak amik port pasal blog ni sgt....nak citer apa lagi uoll? kalau nak tau apa apa just leave ur comment k...muah...for my best buddy, thanks..i luv u.

semoga relations kita takkan pernah pudar.

salam sayang, salam rindu, serindunya...